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Certification in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 29990

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The pressure on the market of employment and education and training service providers is growing. It is not just the world of politics and industry that regularly make new demands of your organisation - customers, competitors and partners do as well.

To be able to fulfil these demands which are constantly changing and to be able to hold your own with the competition, two prerequisites play a key role: fast decision-making and paths of implementation as well as a quality management system which is flexible and can be adapted.

But how do employment market and education and training organisations ensure that they satisfy the qualitative requirements? 

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How do you claim not only that your own processes and education and training products are of a high quality and prove this visibly to everybody?

CERTQUA, the certification organisation accredited in accordance with international standards, has made it its mission to answer these questions.

For more than 20 years, CERTQUA has been analysing and certifying the quality management systems of national and international companies as well as institutions operating in the areas of education and training, work and services.

We service your company in accordance with international and national sets of rules and industry-specific standards. We also offer a wide variety of further education and training seminars for experts and managers working in education and training management and regularly host industry sector fora and conferences.


DIN ISO 9001

DIN EN ISO 9001 is a standard from the complete DIN EN ISO 9000 series of standards et seq. It is a standard recognised worldwide which defines requirements for effective quality management in a company. Designed to be sector-neutral, it is valid for companies from industry, the economy and the service sector, in other words also for education and training companies, employment market service providers and non-profit organisations.


DIN ISO 29990

In December 2010, a new management system for organisations specialising in training and further training was published. DIN ISO 29990 is a standard which makes the learning process the focal point and was therefore designed primarily for implementation in education and training institutions.



The CERTQUA further training courses are geared towards experts and managers working for employment market and education and training service providers. Our seminars deal with all central operational issues provided they make a contribution to increasing the quality of a (certified) company. Our thematic fields relate to the areas of quality management, auditing, standards, management, law, data protection, customer satisfaction in as far as we can derive a clear reference to the requirements in the certification-relevant sets of rules. In addition, we also prepare and offer recurring topical special issues.


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