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CERTQUA was founded in 1994 as a company of the leading associations in German industry and the sector association Wuppertaler Kreis e.V. It is a certification organisation accredited in accordance with ISO 17021 and ISO 17065 for the specialist areas of the employment market, education and training and services.

CERTQUA operates on a national and international basis with numerous experts in the competence areas of quality management and certification. We service companies, educational and training organisations, schools, universities, ministries and other institutions and public corporations with the highest level of commitment.
The internationally recognised series of standards such as ISO 9000 et seq. and ISO 29990 enable every company to fulfil the increasing quality requirements of industry and society.

Whether you are looking to improve your corporate structure or develop future-proof concepts, quality management systems promote customer satisfaction and foster trust in the work your company does.

The CERTQUA certificate provides accredited confirmation of your previous and future efforts.



6 good reasons, which speak in favour of CERTQUA



As an institution of the leading associations in German industry and of the sector association Wuppertaler Kreis e.V., we have a well-known and recognised reputation and set of expertise in politics and industry and in associations and authorities.



As an industry body, we are partners at the interface of industry and politics. We take your concerns seriously and actively put them into action. To this end, we cooperate with many bodies in a very committed way or do the legwork for them.



Many years of expertise, since 1994, in the specialist areas of the employment market, education and training and services.



Use of modern and innovative planning and evaluation tools in the IT-supported quality assessment of your organisation.



Provision of informative management cockpits for the managers of our customers.



Thanks to the convenient online-based CERTQUA Service Center, your application procedures can be carried out concisely, easily and speedily.


CERTQUA operates on an international basis in quality management

With analyses, lectures, workshops and certifications, our team of experts is available worldwide to bring the issue of quality management to the forefront.

Below are examples of some of the countries we operate in:

Argentinia / Brazil / Bulgaria / China / El Salvador / Equador / Greece / Italy / Jordan / Lebanon / Luxembourg / Columbia / Peru / Poland / Romania / Saudi Arabia / Serbia / Syria / the Czech Republic / Uruguay


CERTQUA is a certification body accredited by Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) [German accreditation body] for management systems as well as for the approval of sponsors and measures in accordance with the Accreditation and the Approval Ordinance for the Promotion of Employment (AZAV).


Accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17021

The accreditation authorises CERTQUA to certify management systems in the following areas:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems
  • DIN ISO 29990:2010 Learning services for training and further training

CERTQUA supports needy children and young people from the Bonn vicinity
CERTQUA sees itself as an active element in society and assumes social responsibility for needy children and young people. That is why we donate to the Maria im Walde Centre for Child and Youth Welfare and Family Support in Bonn. Since 1847, the institution has been offering children, young people, young adults and families living in stressful situations in Bonn with needs-oriented help on a full-time care, day-care as well as walk-in / walk-out basis.

This year we are donating 1,000 euros to Maria im Walde. The donation is intended to support the more than 190 children and young people the institution cares for on a proportional basis by purchasing a bicycle workshop (building a ready-made garage as well as tools and accessories).

We are also donating 1,000 euros this year to the St. Maria in Kaufbeuren boarding school.

As an accredited certification organisation, CERTQUA is committed to upholding independence and impartiality.

In accordance with the accreditation specifications DIN EN ISO 17021 and 17065 with regard to independence and impartiality, we do not carry out any consultancy work or internal audits, nor do we maintain business relationships with consultancy companies. Interested parties and customers are, however, given general information and pointers which help them to understand the underlying standards and sets of rules as well as the certification procedure.

In our certification projects, we only use independent auditors. For every project our auditors confirm their independence and impartiality and the non-existence of conflicts of interest.

We regularly analyse associated bodies and determine and evaluate potential risks which could jeopardise our independence and impartiality.

CERTQUA also co-operates closely with the committee for ensuring independence and impartiality which continuously assesses all certification activities with regard to the independence and impartiality of the certification body.


Regelmäßig analysieren wir verbundene Stellen und ermitteln und bewerten potentielle Risiken, die unsere Unabhängigkeit und Unparteilichkeit gefährden könnten.

Zudem kooperiert CERTQUA eng mit dem Ausschuss zur Sicherung der Unabhängigkeit und Unparteilichkeit, der laufend alle Zertifizierungsaktivitäten im Hinblick auf Unabhängigkeit und Unparteilichkeit der Zertifizierungsstelle bewertet.


Industry sector competence and management experience

Every CERTQUA auditor has many years of experience in the area of market of employment and education and training services.

Even when we appoint a CERTQUA auditor, the fulfilment of requirements – as laid out in the set of rules for the accreditation of certification bodies, are of decisive importance to us. This includes, above all, professional experience in the management functions of a market of employment and/or education and training service provider, industry-specific and professional qualifications in quality management as well as for auditing relevant personal characteristics.

We also provide every auditor with comprehensive training in theory and practice by way of a demanding training programme. We support them with regular newsletters, expert conferences and special further training events. This is how we ensure that every auditor is always bang up-to-date and can accurately assess the developments on the employment and education and training market.

When selecting auditors for a certification project, we always take into account the professional focus, the size and other special features of the institution in question. In this way, you can be sure that your auditor understands the mandate of your company.

BDA – Confederation of German Employers' Associations

DIHK – Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry


The key task of the BDA is to actively represent corporate interests in the area of social policy.

The BDA is involved in committees on a national, European and international level, in expert hearings, in Social Security self-governing bodies, as a co-ordinator and advisor in collective agreement negotiations of member associations and as a mediator in public disputes.

The BDA is a contact person for its members, the general public, the German federal government and the Bundestag (the German parliament) in all matters concerning social and collective bargaining policy, employment law, the employment market, education and training, HR and social policy including European and international social policy.



As an umbrella organisation, the Federation of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) assumes responsibility on behalf of and in co-ordination with the Chambers of Industry and Commerce for representing the interests of commercial companies within German industry vis-à-vis the decision-makers involved in federal politics and the European institutions.



ZDH – German Confederation of Skilled Crafts

Wuppertaler Kreis e.V. – The Federal Association of Continuing Vocational Training


53 Chambers of Skilled Crafts, 37 central professional associations of skilled crafts as well as significant industrial and academic institutions of skilled crafts in Germany are combined in the Central Association of German Skilled Crafts (ZDH), with its headquarters based in the Berliner House of German Skilled Crafts.

The purpose of the ZDH is to arrive at a consensus within the craft organisation on all major issues of skilled craft policy. It represents the overall interests of the skilled craft industry vis-à-vis the German Bundestag (the German Federal Parliament), the German Federal Government and other central authorities, the European Union (EU) and international organisations.



Wuppertaler Kreis e.V. (Wuppertal sector association) is the umbrella association of the further education and training institutions of industry. It was founded in 1955 by the Federal Association of German Industry (BDI) in agreement with the Confederation of German Eployers' Associations (BDA), the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) and the Association of Family Businesses (ASU). As of its founding in 1955 until the end of 1991, the branch office of the Wuppertal sector association was housed under the same roof as the Baden-Baden Entrepreneurs’ Talks (BBUG) association.

The Wuppertal sector association ensures that further education and training institutions close to industry can exchange experiences. Its annual association survey “Trends in Further Education and Training” is an important basis for the market assessment for the entire industry sector. Since its foundation, the Wuppertal sector association has focused on maintaining quality assurance in further education and training. It represents the interests of further education and training institutions in industry and advises ministries, public authorities and politicians.

Today the Wuppertal sector association has 50 members who together generate an annual turnover of 1.3 billion euros. With more than 11,800 of its own employees and almost 30,000 freelance lecturers they host approximately 140,000 events annually at 890 locations. More than 1.3 million experts and managers from industry participate every year in seminars, conferences and courses of the member institutes of the Wuppertal sector association.