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International certification in accordance with ISO 9001


DIN EN ISO 9001 is a standard from the complete DIN EN ISO 9000 series of standards et seq. It is a standard recognised worldwide which defines requirements for effective quality management in a company. Designed to be sector-neutral, it is valid for companies from industry, the economy and the service sector, in other words also for education and training companies, employment market service providers and non-profit organisations.

Who does what, when, how?

Responsibilities and competence areas, structures and work processes are defined in a binding and transparent manner in process and procedural instructions and are documented. The QM documentation provides information about the quality policy, objectives and function of a company. Here the standard ISO 9001 only specifies a specific framework, the requirements are implemented individually by every company depending on the industry sector and focus of business activities.

Competitive pressure has also increased considerably on the market for education and training and employment market services. Exploit the advantage of your skills with the proof of the appropriate certificate.

As an accredited certification body, we are with your company every step of the way throughout the entire ISO 9001 certification procedure. From the creation of the offer through to the issuing of the certificate, our employees and experts would be glad to help you.

Process of certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001

Offer: Using a standardised questionnaire we will draw up an individual and non-binding contractual offer for you for the certification in accordance with ISO 9001.

Applying for the certification: Once you have sent back the signed contractual offer, we will send you your access data for the Customer Download Area. Here you can download further information and documents. You will also be activated as a user for the CERTQUA Service Center. In the Service Center, you can apply for your certification easily online as well as manage sites and users. You should send your application to us approx. 4-6 weeks before the planned audit date. You can upload your QM manual in the Service Center or send it to us by post.

Audit planning: Once we have received your certification application and QM manual, we commission an auditor with your certification procedure in accordance with ISO 9001. The auditor will get in contact with you, arranges an audit date and draws up an appropriate schedule.

Documentation check: Initially, your QM documentation is checked to ensure it can be certified. At least 2 weeks before the planned audit date, you will receive a report about the documentation check. If any findings have been rectified, the ISO 9001 certification audit can be carried out on site.

Certification audit: The audit is divided into 2 stages. In the 1st stage, the auditor checks on site whether your institution can be certified. If this can be confirmed, individual audit interviews held in accordance with the schedule drawn up previously.

Audit report: In accordance with the ISO 9001 audit, you will receive a report in which your auditor summaries all the essential points of the certification procedure. Any findings are recorded here which you may have to rectify before the certificate is issued.

Certification committee: If any findings have been rectified, your auditor forwards all documents to the certification committee at CERTQUA who make the final decision regarding certification.

Issue of certificate: If the certification committee confirms the certification procedure, you will receive a certificate attesting to the effected certification in accordance with ISO 9001 as well as the logo of CERTQUA which you can use on your media to advertise your institution.

Monitoring audits: After the initial certification, monitoring audits are carried out annually. The first monitoring audit must be carried out 12 months after the last day of the initial certification. In the case of the following monitoring audits, you have the option of postponing the audit to a later point in time (max. 3 months).

Re-certification: Approx. 4 months before your certificate expires, we will contact you to draw up a current contractual offer. Once you have sent back the follow-up contract, the current applications are automatically activated for you in the Service Center.

To help you implement these requirements successfully, we regularly offer seminars on the implementation of DIN EN ISO 9001.

You can obtain the standard from Beuth-Verlag at www.beuth.de.

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